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For years, many Americans have been worried about creeping socialism here in America as our government has began much more and much more federally controlled programs, and instituted more and more regulations in our lives. However, because Obama's election, the trend toward socialism has turn out to be a expanding rush of "Lemmings to the Sea" with proposed Government control over most areas of our lives. Numerous Americans on each sides of the aisle have become more and much more alarmed at this trend, creating it not just a Conservative Issues Problem, but an American Issue.

Apparently, some "smart" fellow(s) decided to try and make socialism much more palatable to millions of Americans by calling it "Democratic Socialism". There now, doesn't that sound better than just plain old Socialism?

So let us examine just what Democratic Socialism is. "Democratic Socialists believe that each the economy and society ought to be run democratically to meet the needs of the Entire Neighborhood, not to make earnings for a couple of. If adopted in America, many structures of our economy should be radically that ordinary Americans can participate in many decisions affecting our lives...Democratic Socialists do not want to produce a large government bureaucracy."* Now let us quit and consider. Does anyone reading this see anyplace in Obama's Socialist applications exactly where the typical John and Jane has any say in operating the proposed applications? I don't ergo he is not proposing Democratic Socialism, but rather Autocratic** Socialism. Sure, we can vote him out of office in 4 years. We can call our Senators and Representatives and protest, BUT WE HAVE NO SAY IN Running OR FINANCING Programs PROPOSED BY OBAMA.

Going further, "social ownership can take numerous types: worker-owned cooperatives or state-owned enterprises managed by workers and customer representatives. Democrat Socialists favor as a lot decentralization (of federal government) as possible...worker ownership of big corporations is an additional possibility...the tasks would be spread among as numerous individuals as feasible and redistribution of wealth (taxing the rich much more and giving it to the poor)...the vast wealth of this nation must be distributed much more equally...merely put, we should tax the rich."*

Socialism has not and can't function. To expect individuals to divide their wealth with the poor who can't or will not work goes against human nature and democratic ideals. Going additional in the exact same article, "...NO Country HAS Fully INSTITUTED DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM." There are reasons why DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM DOESN'T Work.

Fellow Americans, do not let the name, Democratic Socialism, fool you into considering this is a much better or much more ideal type of Socialism and therefore perfect for America's future. A wolf in sheep's clothes is still a wolf. Beware of Socialism in any type and fight to preserve America's values and heritage of capitalism, personal duty, and fairness. No one who played by the rules, paid their mortgages, and worked difficult desires to help spend the mortgages of people who didn't. LET US Work AT Keeping AMERICA THE LAND OF Opportunity.

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