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An Objective Review of "The Secret"

The Secret from Rhonda Byrne did not take a very long time to make to the International Bestseller List. Rhonda Byrne was suddenly world well-known, and personal development came to the fore. Many people had definitely never heard of either personal development or Rhonda Byrne, but they paid attention when her message was co-delivered together with over a dozen of the worlds very best recognized coaches. Josef Asaraf crystallized it when he said: "You can have anything that you want I do not care how big it is."

Shortly after he states that, Bob Proctor goes ahead to introduce us to The Secret as the Law of Attraction, stating that everything in our lives is attracted there by your thoughts. Considering about what you want or don't want will produce your reality because these are the thoughts that dominate your consciousness.

This review tries to help you decide if it is worthwhile for you to buy and study The Secret.

The Cast and Message of "The Secret"

It is safe to say that the most credible thing about The Secret from Rhonda Byrne is that it used the very best minds in the business - a mixture of such fantastic minds behind a project is hard to ignore. Bob Proctor, author of "You We Born Rich," Jack Canfield, author the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books, James Arthur Ray, Joe Vitale, John Asaraf and dozens of other individuals came forward in expert capacity to show us the results of using the law of attraction in their lives. They all claimed that The Secret by Byrne had made them effective, and had been used by historical icons like Leonardo DaVinci, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Thomas Edison, Einstein, JD Rockefeller, Dale Carnegie and many much more with the exact same fantastic results.

It is accurate that all these historical figures had one typical thread of belief running through them which is that we manipulate the outcome of what we attract by directing our thoughts. They also all believed in the interconnectedness of the universe which caused us to be linked to everything. Focusing your mind on some thing and attuning your energy at the exact same frequency with it could make it come to you.

Just the reality that these people believed these things and that they had been extremely successful tends to make it hard to ignore The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

A Word of Caution

The principles as portrayed in the films and the book The Secret are powerful if they are used. They only fail as they are presented simply because they do not inform the whole story. The tell you to go through a 3 step process of ask, think and receive. They omit that the lives of the icons that they highlight had an additional common theme as nicely. They pursued with want, they planned cautiously, and they had been persistent in getting what they wanted. Most of them in fact, did not start off as successes. They had to work, and in my examination of both book and film, The Secret by Byrne totally ignores this.

There is more to personal development and self development than just ask, believe and obtain. For someone who has no idea, this missing element could start you on a extremely misleading path.

My guess is that the people who made this film, and who were involved in its making know that there's more to it than they put out in the book. They know that you have to invest action and persistence to achieve, but they neglected to create it in the book. I can't comprehend why.

My conclusion is that The Secret is a fantastic book to have in your library and helps to maintain you focused when you're operating on a project you concentrate only on achievement. If you feel that it is sufficient for you, I want you health and prosperity as you continue on your journey of self development. I would otherwise recommend that you look for a much more holistic approach to personal development.

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