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Most parents these days are extremely pro-active when it comes to their children's education. Many parents are so disillusioned by the school system that they are taking firm control of their child's education be it to home school their child totally, or merely to home school preschool their child before he or she enters the school system.

There are numerous benefits to teaching your child to read early. Nevertheless, sometimes parents are at a loss as to what will be required of them when it comes down to it.

There are 5 things every parent should be conscious of, and prepared for, when choosing to home school or preschool their child, in order for them to be assured success. These 5 things are:


If you are like me, you are a busy parent, spouse and business person. You have to run a home, maintain a job and do every thing else in between! What ever technique you use to teach your child to read, you the parent must take the time to set it up and implement it. Also, you will be the one who will have to continuously motivate and encourage your child to keep at it. As lengthy as you remain committed to the procedure, you have absolutely nothing to be concerned about.


You are a parent. Require I say more? Patience comes regular with the job. If you did not have patience you'd have gone crazy a lengthy time ago. Just keep in mind that your child is learning a completely new idea. Just like learning to walk or talk, reading demands practice and repetition.

There will be days when you'll feel like pulling out your hair simply because your child keeps forgetting the exact same word over and over again. Just remember this is how they learn and tomorrow you will be amazed at their progress.


As with most things you do with your child, being in the right mood is important. Have you ever tried to get your child to pack away his or her toys in the middle of their favourite Television show? Then you have surely witnessed the start of Globe War III!

Make sure that when you begin to teach your child to read, both you and your child are in the mood for their reading lesson. If either you or your child is feeling sick or grumpy or irritable, there is completely no harm carried out in skipping that lesson. It is much better to wait for when you are both feeling much better. Not only will this save you a lot of time and aggravation, what you completely don't want to do is create an atmosphere where your child begins to resent reading. Keep in mind, reading is fun. It's fun for you to teach your child to read and it is fun for your child to learn to read.

Time and Setting

As parents, we all know that kids are creatures of habit. If when you start to teach your child to read you ensure that you have a time and location dedicated towards your child's reading, you set up a comfy routine for them and they will settle in and respond favourably to their reading lesson. Also, by being constant, you show your child that they are essential to you and so is their reading success, and they in turn will go out of their way to impress you. So, be ready to be impressed!

Consistency and discipline

Of course, like with all things the time will come that, as soon as your child gets the hang of it, they will almost certainly begin to get bored. Their self-confidence will grow and they will believe that they don't have to do the exact same things over and over once more.

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