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Every self-published author will at some point discover the importance of superb self promotion in the success of his or her book. We all dream of the runaway success of self-published writers such as Amanda Hocking, but without the correct promotion we know our books could languish at the unattractive end of the Amazon rankings, promoting only enough copies to pay for a cup of coffee each few weeks.

The problem is that there are no real attempted and accurate methods to make sure a runaway achievement. Your book may be much better than anything else in your genre, but even a full time promotion schedule may fail to get it the interest it truly deserves. Of course, that is not to say that there aren't a couple of issues you can do to give your self that a lot required edge over the competitors.

A well orchestrated book giveaway could be just the factor you require to bring your work to a wider audience, and here we're going to look at 3 fast suggestions to help you spring your book to achievement. There are many ways to manage a giveaway, but for the purposes of this piece we're going to assume that you're selling on the Kindle platform. You ought to be enrolled in the KDP Choose program, allowing you to provide your book as a totally free download for up to five days in any 90 day period.

So, with out additional ado...

1. Share

Any author who has run a book giveaway will know that it's important to get the word out well in advance. If you run your personal weblog, post a number of times in the days and weeks operating up to the promotion. If you're on Facebook, create a fan web page and ask your buddies to like it. Get in touch with well-liked book bloggers by email and ask if they'd like to read a evaluation copy (well in advance of the promotion). In brief, use each outlet you have to raise awareness. Each additional voice will increase downloads of your book.

2. Advertise

Paid marketing can play a large role in promoting a book giveaway. Popular evaluation websites such as Pixel of Ink and Kindle Nation Daily can increase downloads during a giveaway by thousands of copies per day. In fact, the most popular free books on Amazon are usually these that have been promoted by one or both of these sites.

three. Target

Whilst this might seem obvious, the trick to a successful giveaway is to get your book in the hands of people who are predisposed to enjoy it. If you've written an superb romance novel you could give away a million copies, but if the recipients are all single-minded fans of science fiction you are unlikely to see numerous post-giveaway sales or good critiques.

Websites such as Goodreads offer the opportunity to connect with fans of each genre at the click of a mouse. Before running your giveaway you ought to build a presence on the website, joining groups devoted to your appropriate genre and, where permitted, promoting your book to your target audience. One targeted reader will be worth dozens of untargeted readers.

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