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I would like to discuss some of the different yarns. Knitting with them will make sweaters or post that you just made various. The first yarn that I would like to tell you about is worsted weight. Which is the primary yarn that I use and it is usually four ply and is a medium weight. This is a well-liked size that is frequently used for sweaters, afghans, dishcloths, hats and scarfs. But not restricted to this list that I just stated. I frequently use a size 7 knitting needles with this weight.

If you would like a heavier scarf or mittens you could go with a bulky weight yarn. The Bulky weight will make a warmer mittens as heavier afghan. I would use a larger knitting needle to work with this weight of yarn up to a size 10 needle. This functions up fast with the bulky yarn and also a ten needles. If you do not have the bulky weight yarn on hand you can use the worsted yarn and use two strands held together and knitted as 1 yarn.

Then there is infant weight yarn that is of course a thinner yarn and makes fantastic baby sweaters and afghans. I use a smaller sized knitting needle with these and they could out of course smaller than the heavier weight yarn.

They also have sport weight and sock weight yarn. These make fantastic socks. When I knit my socks I use the sock weight or the sport weight which make a nice thickness of sock so they are not as bulky in footwear and can make them good and comfy to put on.

There is also worsted weight yarn made of cotton. I use this cotton yarn to make dish cloths. They make very good cloths and could be utilized more than and more than once more.

You can also make sweaters out of cotton which make very nice summer sweaters.

There is many types of yarn. As I have stated there is the cotton yarn. There is also 100 % acrylic yarn. Then there is also Alpaca yarn that is extremely soft and is wonderful to work with. There is also wool yarn and this can be knitted and felted in products like purses and slippers and many other products can be made out of all these different yarns. There is also angora yarn that is good and soft.

There is also yarns that are just fun like fake fur. These can be added to other yarns and they are fun to knit into issues like scarfs, hats, purses and you can even knit up necklaces.

There is also knit cro sheen thread that is frequently used to crochet doilies or snowflakes and bookmarks. I have also knitted doilies and bookmarks with this thread. When I knit with this knit cro sheen I use a size 1 knitting needle.

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