What is a Fusible Link?9802143

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A fusible link is a short piece of insulated low-voltage cable inside an automotive wiring harness that is developed to shield the harness in applications exactly where a fuse is unsuitable. In an intense current overload situation, the conductor within the link is melted while the ensuing flame and spark is contained inside the link's insulation.

What are the ratings for fusible hyperlinks? Fusible links are not rated in amps like fuses simply because every installation is unique and developed to meet particular circuit protection requirements.

What size replacement fusible link should be used ? The automotive service business recommends utilizing the same gauge and length as the blown fusible link after the trigger of failure is corrected.

How do you use a parallel connector? Insert the stripped finish of a fusible link and the stripped finish of the cable becoming protected into a parallel connector as shown, and crimp. A parallel connector ought to always be protected with electrical tape or heat-shrink tubing.

What size fusible link ought to be used in a new installation? The suitability of a fusible link in a new application can be determined only by a qualified harness engineer with complete knowledge of the circuit protection specifications, the installation and operating conditions, and the security and liability elements. We cannot make particular recommendations.

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