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Have you watched a Balloon Twister at work in a bar or at a party and thought: 'I could do that.' Well, you can - supplied you have the guidance of a Balloon Twisting or Modelling master who has committed his secrets to video.

Below his tuition, you can learn the fundamentals in minutes and, if you have ambition to become a professional entertainer, you can gradually progress to sophisticated skill levels with easy-to-adhere to directions.

Special modelling balloons are utilized in the Balloon Twisting art of sculpting a multitude of shapes that are frequently, but not exclusively, animals. Over the years, Twisters have tended to dispense with the practice of using their own lungs to inflate balloons, nevertheless. Now, on well being, hygiene and other grounds, many use a hand pump, an electric pump that runs on batteries or can be plugged in, or perhaps a compressed gas tank of air or nitrogen - generally not helium as the balloons are too porous. Without getting over-technical about the choice of coloured balloons you'll require, suffice it to say that there is a selection of sizes with the most common being a 260 (about two inches in diameter and 60 inches lengthy).

Single Balloon Twisting, which speaks for itself, and Multiple Balloon Modelling, also self-explanatory, are two of the leading design designs which come with their own skills and challenges, even though it is rare that an experienced Twister will restrict himself to a single style. For the novice, the video guide will ideally provide a wide range of styles to tackle and, if you're really fortunate, there could be bonuses such as 1-to-one e-mail support for the initial learning period.

Your reward for mastery of the art of Balloon Twisting could be financial if you are considering a new career...or perhaps you just want to do your bit for charity or a good cause and get your satisfaction from the appears of delight on the faces of a young audience. Put yourself in the hands of an expert video trainer and realise your ambition.

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