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Brazilian website Vagas Master - Empregos na Construço Civil has launched its beta version for professionals of civil construction who want opportunities in this industry. That’s the major site in country that shows Jobs for handyman, mason, electricist, plumber, Air conditioning technician, Architects, civil engineers and more.

Leonardo goya, owner of the website, says it is gratifying to see so many people getting jobs through the platform: "Our main goal is to provide people with the opportunity to work. Even more in a crisis scenario in Brazil, especially in construction, we want Good professionals get a job quickly”.

The website, focused mainly on the Brazilian public, shows employment opportunities in the most diverse areas of civil construction, such as: - Mason (emprego de pedreiro) - Architect (emprego de arquiteto) - Engineer (emprego de engenheiro civil) - Electrician (emprego de eletricista) - Plumber (emprego de encanador) - Painter (emprego de pintor) - Locksmith (emprego de serralheiro), Among many other options within the industry.

So, if you want to go to Brazil to look for employment opportunities in these areas, take a look at this promising Brazilian website: to find all the opportunities for jobs in the country, within the civil construction.

empregos na construço civil