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Dubai is extensively regarded as a city for wealthy people. Even though it is unfair to stereotype a fantastic city as such, there is a grain of truth in the above statement. Dubai can be audaciously expensive for the frugal traveler on a budget. The luxury malls, massive hotels that charge thousands of dollars per night, to the expensive gourmet cuisine, with out ample money, Dubai can be a daunting encounter. No wonder some of the wealthiest people in the globe reside in this city.

Nevertheless, price does not have to rob you of the encounter of a lifetime. Regardless of what people might inform you, it is quite possible to find inexpensive hotels in this city (the frugal travelers have a correct to travel as well, after all). Even though they might not be as flashy as the Burj Dubai, there are a lot of cheap hotels in Dubai, provided you know exactly where to look.

The trick is to check out multiple hotels prior to you determine on one. The inner city is the ideal location to begin your search. The hotels right here cater to going to relatives of Dubai's large population of migrant workers and you can generally discover something that is 'backpacker-worthy'.

For a better encounter (and view), verify out the Dubai company and buying district. A few hotels right here (notably, the Highland Hotel) have quite inexpensive prices with incredible views of the Arabian sea - perfect for the 'coast conscious' traveler.

An additional fantastic location to verify out for inexpensive hotels is the buying district of Al Fahidi street. This area of the historic street bazaars (notably, Meena Bazaar) has fairly a few inexpensive hotels.

Keep in mind the important is to hunt around. You do not want your Dubai remain to be spoiled by a poor or an extraordinarily costly hotel. Just because you have noticed it on Tv doesn't mean that there are no cheap hotels in Dubai - all it takes is some patience to find them.

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