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Why is it that humans cannot quit feeding the birds? Have you noticed anytime you go out into a park somebody is feeding the pigeons, the ducks, or some other species of bird? This probably is not a extremely good idea because the kinds of issues that people eat birds, particularly wild birds, most likely aren't all that good for them. Particularly considering most individuals feed birds people meals, issues like popcorn, pieces of bread, and other such things. This is not in their all-natural and regular diet unless of course they are city birds, and they've adapted for such, which is what pigeons have carried out for instance.

The last bird you want to feed is a pigeon because they like to stay close to their meals provide. And wherever you feed them is where they will hang out, and exactly where they will use their ultrasound bird calls to assist map the region for their mind. Once they decide to live in a particular area, it's almost not possible to get rid of them. Sure, you can put up bird spikes and many company owners do, and numerous homeowners associations and high-rise condo complicated managers try the exact same. Still, it is hard to get rid of these birds as they will find someplace to land, you cannot put the spikes on every single horizontal surface.

Pigeons really only need a couple of inches against a wall to perch - and, wherever they perch is exactly where they let loose of their waste, and they appear to have indigestion, and diarrhea judging by what they discharge when they consume individuals meals. Yes, the story gets even worse when you start considering the challenges of things like bird flu. Worse, if you feed the pigeons, they do not just cause a problem in your vicinity, but all of your neighbors have to deal with the ugly stains of pigeon poop everywhere. Pigeons are very good at begging and they remember the types of behavior which garnered the most totally free food.

They are definitely scavengers, and if you feed one much more will come into the region, which indicates much more pigeon poop and more issues, including much more bacteria, and the chances of getting bird flu someday. None of this is very great, so even if you think you are doing the pigeons a favor, and you like to go bird watching, feeding them isn't very intelligent, not even in somebody else's park. Suffice it to say, pigeons do not make very great pets, and there's no sense in you learning the difficult way. Please think about all this and believe on it.