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It can take months of hard work to produce a film and edit it for release. When a movie becomes successful, it is usually the directors and star actors who take all of the credit. However, without promoting a film on a large scale, it is unlikely to turn out to be a blockbuster. Marketing methods are used to draw attention to the fact that a high-profile film is due for release. Modern advertising methods such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming popular for marketing films to the public, but historically, film posters have been, and nonetheless are, the most typical way to market and drum up interest in it.

Most film studios have their own art and marketing division to create suitable movie posters. However, sometimes a film studio will hire a film poster design agency to come up with many compelling movie poster styles. Simply because of this, the business can be quite competitive, particularly if much more than one design agency is hired by the film studio. The reason for hiring multiple poster agencies is to get many different styles of film posters. Usually, numerous styles are requested simply because a film may require to be targeted towards many different sections of the market. The film studio can then choose the film poster or posters that are most likely to capture the public interest. For film poster design agencies, this can produce added stress because their poster styles may not be selected by the film studio. On the positive side, the going prices for movie posters are fairly high, so missing out on having a design selected for a couple of films does not do as well a lot long-term damage to the design agency.

As a complication, a movie poster design agency might be contracted to come up with a poster design before production begins or a few weeks before the film is due to be released. This can make design planning tough at each ends of the spectrum, as the film poster needs to correlate to the film itself. An additional obstacle is that film posters need to go via a process of approval that can take some time. This often throws up sharp deadlines, especially when a poster design agency only has a few short weeks to come up with a variety of various styles.

Even though film poster design agencies are encouraged to show a little bit of imagination with their styles, most film posters contain many of the same ingredients. For instance, nearly each movie poster has a shot of the lead character as the primary concentrate of the poster. The purpose for this is simple: Moviegoers are most likely to want to go to see a movie if they currently like an actor or actress who stars in the film. Additionally, some text displaying the film's title is likely to be displayed along the top of the poster in large lettering. The name of a film is an essential component of any film poster simply because it assists moviegoers to keep in mind the title and then link that to the lead character. Other attributes that are common on the majority of film posters are a tag line, the name of the director and some significant characters, and the release date. Of these, the release date is maybe the most significant because individuals do want to know when a movie will be released to the general public.

One recent development in the movie poster business is to release a teaser poster nicely in advance of the release date of a film. The purpose of this is to perk up the interest of moviegoers and make them want to see the film when it comes out. It may frequently be the case that production for a film has not even begun when a teaser poster is released. Teasers are not meant to divulge into any particulars about the plot or even when the film will be shown in theaters.

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