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ICT outsourcing can be stated as one of the current trends for organizations around the planet to do their business processes. It is estimated that ICT outsourcing starts in the early 1990s where Kodak makes use of external companion to manage its ICT sources. As Kodak does not have the knowledge in ICT, they hire an additional business to aid them deal with the ICT resources. This phenomenon happens because organizations would like to concentrate their core business functions among other rewards. Right after merely 20 years, outsourcing is now required by a lot of organizations mostly at consumer support and also back-office processes and this affects Malaysia as well. At present, Malaysia is recognized as a principal outsourcing hub for the world, where it is presently ranked third globally behind China and India in the outsourcing market. This shows how significant outsourcing is to building countries in Asia.

Outsourcing Definition

Outsourcing is defined as a idea of contracting out part of the organization's business process to a third celebration that has the certain expertise and solutions. The third celebration must have the abilities needed by the organization so that the outcome of the outsourced job is as expected. Outsourcing can also be explained as the movement of 1 or many business functions of a business which includes its assets to an outside service provider who provides a defined service for an agreed duration of time and payment on a written agreement.

From these two definitions, we can see that outsourcing can be defined with the following traits:

1. A organization transferring a single or several company process to a third celebration.

two. A third celebration has the abilities and solutions required for the business procedure.

3. Has an agreement or contract among the two parties on the cost and expected outcome.

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