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The fundamental communication between human beings is speech or to be more particular words or language. We communicate with 1 another via words which belong to a particular language understandable by the receiver. Phonetics is the study about the sounds in human speech. Phonetic communication is a form of communication used for particular purposes like aviation. It is utilized to convey the words bytes through a communication channel to direct the flights. Rather of using long sentences or words, phonetics are used for faster delivery of messages.

Thus phonetic communication is a very important form of communication. 1 has to understand what phonetics and how it can be utilized for specific purposes. This type of communication is also used in military services to send leading secret messages from 1 point to an additional. It is a form of coded language utilized to communicate with a view of creating the communication extremely crisp, clear and understandable to the receiver.

There are different languages in this world and it is not possible to learn all the language. With the view to communicate it is not possible to appoint 1 person for every language for the sake of communication. Thus phonetic communication becomes a typical language wherein individuals from different nations speaking various languages can speak and understand with a typical communication system.

Usually aviation communication consists of two types of radio service. 1 is the aircraft radio station and the second is the ground radio station. Aircraft stations use two way radars, navigation equipment and ELT's for the security of the aircraft. Whereas the ground station consists of gear to guide, navigate and assist in the safety landing of the flight. Generally wireless equipments are used and the signals are either satellite aided or through radio signals. What ever equipment is utilized the data or message sent should be crystal clear. The voice clarification should be one hundred % so that the receiver and sender understands and acts accordingly.

Numerous forms of phonetic communication are used for numerous fields these days. Even for medical transcription phonetics is utilized to name the drugs. The main aim in using phonetics for communication is to pass on the message secretly or to rapidly convey what is to be stated with ease. In aviation a mixture of words and numbers are used and anybody listening to such communication can't comprehend what the message is. It will be like Greek and Latin to them. Many schools teach phonetics to make the children comprehend the language and the meaning of words and their pronunciation. Is it a extremely imperative component of a language. There is however vast variations in between phonetics from one nation to another.

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