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Surigao del Norte is a province located in Caraga Area of Mindanao in the Philippines. Its capital is called Surigao City, the province is also consists of two significant islands, which is the Siargao Island and Bucas Grande Island. These islands are just a small area in the northern tip of Mindanao. Surigao is also the house of Mamanwa Ethnic tribe and throughout the Bonok-Bonok Festival they showcase their own ethnic dance. Bonok-Bonok is a nearby festival that is held annually on September 10 at the feast of San Nicolas de Tolentino, it shows gratitude to God for bountiful harvest and good health. The Significant dialect is known as Surigaonon but majority can speak Tagalog and English.

Surigao is extremely rich in nature, in reality mangroves is the significant theme in the coastal areas and is the greatest reserved mangrove forest in Mindanao. If you are interested in fishing or spear-fishing you can try to visit the seas along the tuna route. There are so many different kinds of species caught their every year. There are also some caves and tunnels that are half-submerged and can only be accessed during low tides. The city managed to preserved its natural marvel environment via the years.

The city is extremely well-liked not only to local, but as well as to foreign country simply because of its surfing breaks with a globe title of being the leading Surfing Waves. The place is called "Cloud nine" and is now the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. Cloud nine is located in 1 of the significant islands of Surigao, which is the Siargao Island. It is a tear-drop shaped island, but has hidden beauty of waves. It also has different stunning places to remain and one of the tourist spots in Surigao.

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