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The present post covers the advantages of the Internet radio stations. The disadvantages of the Internet radio are also described right here.

It is interesting to know that today online radio has turn out to be very well-liked not only among teenagers, but also among the representatives of the older generation. This leads to the fact that the number of FM radio stations has considerably risen. Their density on the radio set's scale has turn out to be very high. Why is online radio so attractive?

First of all, 1 of the primary advantages of this radio is the quality of the sound which is much greater than of the common FM radio. The sound quality does not rely here on the receiving qualities of the radio set or on the conditions or environment of the radio waves spreading. This indicates that nevertheless far away the radio station is from you, you will definitely and usually get a high quality sound from your preferred radio station. It goes with out saying that you can listen to the online radio only in the Internet. This indicates on the primary and most likely the only disadvantage of the Internet radio: it will be not possible to use this radio when you are off the line. But it is quite definite that in the modern globe almost everyone has access to the Internet. That is why Internet connection is a condition of the online radio's existence rather than a problem.

A characteristic function of such a radio is its interactive capabilities. What does it mean? It means that now in order to discover a song you liked, you do not have to keep in mind its tune or lyrics. The name of the composition and its performer are now represented on the screen whilst the song is playing on-line. Furthermore, most websites provide the so known as "active playlists" which show planned songs the listeners could get acquainted with online. What is much more, radio listeners can also use the function of voting for the preferred melody. Thus, a particular radio station creates a rating in accordance with which a playlist is formed. This indicates that the song you liked can play 1 much more time if it scores the essential amount of "votes". As a outcome, it is safe to say that the Internet radio requires into consideration preferences of all listeners.

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