Why Comcast is Re-Branding With XFINITY?2083749

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In this analysis and opinion piece, lets take a look at Comcast and their new brand called XFINITY, the reason it is needed, and whether or not it will succeed.

All of a sudden, new competition is changing the atmosphere for Comcast. They are one of these companies who is operating hard to re-invent their relationship with the customer. So far it has not worked, so as a next step they are re-branding the company.

They hope if they alter the name and the brand that clients will neglect the issues. The goal is correct, however the plan is not.

The company will be called XFINITY. However they have not however fixed the things that hurt the Comcast name. Consequently I think the new name will not work the way they want.

Comcast and their relationship with the customer have been hitting sour notes for many years. With competitors building, they have been trying to repair their image.

As the company tries to reinvent itself with it's warm-hearted advertising, and improving their customer service by adding much more operators, if you ask the customers, usually speaking the problem is not fixed yet.

Simply because there has been little focus on the customer more than the years, even if the company reverses itself totally now, it will still be a number of years before the customers recognizes the alter. This happened with Sprint in the 1990's. Sprint fixed their customer care problems, but did not advantage for several years when the customer lastly caught on.

The Comcast issue is they say one thing and do another with the customer.

An example is the recent shift to a digital network. Presently Comcast has two kinds of services. One is the digital network and has a converter box, and the other has a much less expensive fundamental analog cable service.

Comcast has all of a sudden begun to force its customers of the basic analog service to switch to their basic digital service. That small alter in the name does not give a good representation of the problems the customers being forced deal with.

Region by region, Comcast is transforming their network to digital. I hear from reporters all over the country looking for comments on this story as it rolls into their town.

The marketing rule Comcast is breaking is this. Otherwise pleased clients who choose to do absolutely nothing will lose channels. Customers should be in a position to opt out of the modifications and keep their existing service. At least for a transition period.

Instead these customers will drop from nearly one hundred channels to 20 something channels. If they wanted the channels they had before they have to invest more each month and rent a converter box for each television.

The issues with forcing the clients to make this change so rapidly are many. This goes against the rules of building good relationships. One of the large issues for Comcast is the hit on their brand. Upset clients keep in mind.